What Josepha wants you to know

What Josepha needs you to know…
Social Media campaign update!
Dear friends, yes normally there would be a 'what horses want you to know Wednesday blog' today.
As you might have noticed yesterday our social media format has changed. I decided to go from 5 posts to 3 a week, to save time to write my other new books. I also have interviews and photo shoots scheduled by two magazines and a lot more projects coming. But more important, I need to spend quality time with my family, which includes my 3 horses of which two need special care.
My whole point of writing my book, in the first place, was to finally have time to do other things instead of having to write content constantly and answer questions, so that much needed information that horses so desperately need and want you to know, got out into the world.
Next to that, just as before publishing my book, many (sweet) people are sending me questions, photos and videos of their horses and it is in my nature to help and this help costs me a lot of time and I do it free of charge. It is not that I do not like to help, but I must watch out for the signs of (reoccurring) burn out, and I too have to take care of my family and pay the bills.
The questions you want answered are ALL answered in my book!
Therefore, I simply and humbly ask you, do you find all the info useful, I share on this page? Please, buy the book. In the words of many who read it: It will be life changing!
With the new paperback version and the discount WELCOME15 that gives you 15% off, there is really no reason, not to do it, is there?
If you would like to have me looking with you and teaching you, this too is possible, all over the world via pivo lessons. This can be done in English, German and Dutch. You can book 30 minutes or an hour from Monday to Thursday each week. You can find the information on dressage.com
If you already read the book, you will agree, all horse owners and equestrian need to read it. Please help spread the message, you will be doing the horses a great service! If enough equestrians read it, we will create the tipping point and alter Equestrianism in the favor of horses forever!
Is that your dream too? Then help me make it happen.
I might have another blog coming in the coming months, but for now, I share this older blog with you, that I think is the most pressing matter of the moment and needs to be shared!
Find it under this here:
I hope that under all of you understand, dear horse friends.
As always, for the love of horses,