I have been featured in many international magazines worldwide. Published were either articles about my work or interviews with me, or I have written articles for magazines about classical training and horse health. Here is a selection of some of the articles and magazines from over the years:

I am still available for articles and interviews. If interested please email to dressageinhand(at)

Feine Hilfe, Germany, June 2022




Article in Ashva Sports India 2021 (click on image for article)



Interview in Ashva Sports, India 2020 (click on image for article)


The horse's hoof magazine, USA 2017

Estonian magazine equestrian magazine 2015


Bit magazine, the Netherlands 2015


Hofreitschuele magazine Germany 2014


Hofreitschuele magazine Germany 2013



Pferdemarkt Germany 2011


Vrijruiter magazine The Netherlands 2010


 VVR magazine Belgium 2008


Amazone magazine, The Netherlands, 2007


Maas & Regio, The Netherlands 2006


Bit magazine, the Netherlands 2005



Belgian Libertarian magazine 2004