The Ultimate book on Dressage in Hand

My name is Josepha Guillaume and I am a international horse trainer and equestrian author.

Currently writing a book about Dressage in Hand

I have been training problem horses internationally for over 20 years, of which the last 15 years for the most part in hand. Countless of riders I have taught how to train their horses to make them happy and healthy. Since 2012 I have been running a trainer school and taught over 30 people in a two year trainer course my method of rehabilitating horses with physical or mental problems, and starting young horses correctly to prevent problems in the first place. I published a book in two languages on bitless dressage. I have been invited to give clinics and lectures at events, schools and universities inside and outside Europe and have been featured and published in countless international magazines. But enough about me. This website is not about me, but about what I have started doing just now. 

I am giving it all up. I am taking a sabbatical

To do what I feel I must above all else: Write the ultimate book on Dressage in Hand. This book will be accompanied by a DVD to make sure everyone across the world can fully benefit from this unique and healing way of working with horses.

Yes, there are books on Dressage in Hand, but nothing like this

There are so many problems created for and with horses nowadays because a lot of knowledge about managing and training horses has gone missing over the centuries. These are all not addressed. They will be in this book in ways you have never read before.

What about the old books on classical dressage

There are many marvellous books on Classical dressage, ancient, old and new. There are however few on Dressage in Hand and the ones that are, are usually much like the books about classical riding and do not touch on the subject of horses with physical or mental problems (often caused by incorrect training and handling in the horse's past). This is often seen as a seperate issue, to be dealt with by vets and therapists. But that is not the complete case. Dressage in hand offers the solution for most horses to retrieve health, fix behavioural issues and restore or build trust and communication with each horse. Next to that, novice people and horses with gaps in their education are overlooked. They too will find solutions to overcome this in my book.

What comes before the first exercise in hand?

This book will all expain it to you in the finest detail, making it possible to do this fine befinicial work for every horse and rider. If you like more visual aid, the DVD will be a great addition to the book.

Help yourself by helping me

Do you have questions or problems with your horse you can not find the solution for? Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I'll make sure to include your question or problem in the book (if I haven't already done so). 

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Thank you so much for visiting and reading. I shall swiftly get back to my writing now.

With Classical regards,